Faux Stone Floors and Countertops – Installation and Maintenance Tips

Home and office building owners often require a specific amount of funds to maintain the buildings. Over time, it is important to invest in roof repairs and landscaping so that offices and houses continue to look brand new. People opt for faux stone when giving their homes and offices an enhanced look.

Fast and Easy Installation

Faux panels are made up of polyurethane which is of high-density. Not only are the siding panels heat resistant but they are impact resistant. On a windy day, people do not need to worry about hail or branches. The siding and panels are molded from stone, brick and actual rock making them durable, light and easy to carry out installation. Homeowners can conduct installation of the panels themselves for a fraction of time and cost that will be spent by a builder.


The lightweight nature of the stone enables home and office owners to install the panel systems by themselves. This personal installation saves the additional cost that would be used on labor. The installation also requires adhesives, screws and basic standard tools which are easily accessible to provide an exterior that is long-lasting.There is a huge selection of panels and siding of the stone in today’s market.

Requires Little Maintenance

Upkeep and maintenance involvement for the stone is usually very little. The stone’s siding panel system lend extra insulation to properties to increase the efficiency of energy. Also, the R-Value of the stone assists in preventing homes and offices from losing heat during winter. This benefit helps people to cut back on their bills for energy.

The stone requires little maintenance and sometimes no maintenance at all. The stone panels can require some upkeep once in awhile to keep it free from build-up dirt.Below are reasons why the stone requires little to no maintenance.

Long Lasting Installation

It is advisable to strictly follow the manuals and instructions for the paneling system during installation. Proper installation of the stone guarantees its best performance in regards to durability and resisting cold and wind.

Stone Designed For Durability

The paneling system of the stone is created to provide the best authentic looking product. Most companies focus on creating a panel that gives customers a reason to choose the stone as their preferred choice over the quarried stone.

Testing of the Stone

The stone has been sent to Exova Independent Laboratory, a laboratory well-known for testing commercial airliners and Formula 1 cars. The stone was tested against wind, acid rain, fastener pull-through as well as impact. The results for durability were quite impressive.

Suggestions for Upkeep

Hosing off or power washing the stone is highly recommended on an annual basis. However, if you notice grime and dirt, you can do the process more than twice a year to get the build-up and crime cleaned up. Also, owners of the stone use a dish brush that’s soft and a mild detergent to remove any stains or resilient dirt.
It is also recommendable that your flowers, hedges and bushes be at least six inches away from the paneling of the stone.This distance is to avoid the stone from being nicked by landscape hardware and weed whackers especially for owners who do their own gardening.
Faux stone siding is the best affordable alternative siding option because it is affordable, lightweight and easy to install.


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